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Emma and Kennedy we’re absolutely amazing, I needed quick help for measuring stuff in my home since I needed to be away and they we’re ready to help without a problem. I would definetely recommend them !!! I am absolutely impressed by their professionalism and care for my puppy! Thank you to both of you !!

Patrycia C.

Thanks a lot for looking after my cat Marty and making sure he is ok! Really gave me a peace of mind! Marty has a very shy personality and I appreciate your gentle approach to him!

Anna S.

Emma has taken care of our dogs and cat many times. Our dogs are active and young and require a lot of attention and exercise. One has a skin allergy and needs medication that is administered three times a day and Emma has taken fantastic care of them when we have been on holidays and when we have needed dog walking or pet sitting. . Emma is a loving pet sitter who bonds very well with animals and takes very good care of them. She is responsible and kind and her passion for animals allows her to become the favourite part of our pets routines.

Sheyda A.

Woman with Furry Friends

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