Can my Dog or Cat be Vegan?

DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian, nor am I a veterinary nutrition expert or specialist. I have no formal training in this field. However, all information in this post is cited from veterinarians and/or organizations that work with veterinarians. All information in this post is cited, but if you want me to send you the links, please dm us :)

As someone who follows a plant based diet, when I first got my cat, the thought of putting him on a plant based diet too definitely crossed my mind. Luckily, I make sure to check everything with my veterinarian, and I am skilled in finding good quality information, so I never ended up doing this.

There’s so much content on the internet, including posts from pet parents who feed their cats/dogs a plant based diet. As I say in pretty much every single one of these blog-style posts, EVERY animal is different and therefore has different needs. If you’re thinking about making a change in your pet’s lifestyle (such as adopting a plant based diet) the best thing you can do is check in with your veterinarian to discuss if your choice is the right one for your pet :)

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