Let’s talk about Affordability

At Montreal Pet Care, one of our main value propositions is our affordability. Yet, we are not the cheapest pet care service on the market. The main reason for this apparent paradox is that, at MPC, we believe in balancing employee and customer fairness. Our employees are highly experienced and motivated pet lovers; they consistently go above and beyond to provide a seamless experience for pet parents. Additionally, our employees incur costs such as transportation, which can be up to $6 per visit. Other, cheaper pet care services do not take into account the hard work and dedication of their employees, nor do they factor expenses incurred into their pricing structure.

Larger, corporate pet care services take up to 20% of their employees earnings, so the price you see when you book a service for your pet is often significantly higher than the amount your sitter or walker will receive. At MPC, we don’t believe in exploiting our employees, that’s why they receive 100% of wages earned.

Lastly, while we have an existing price structure, our prices can be flexible based on customer needs - that’s why we have a 10% discount for rescue animals!

We are always striving to be more accessible and equitable. If you want to talk about our pricing structure or if you have any ideas related to employee or customer fairness, please feel free to dm, email, or call us!

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