Safety and Transparency

For those of you who have read our liability waiver, you will already know that Montreal Pet Care reserves the right to cancel any existing appointment or refuse to provide our services. In this post, we will explain a bit about why that is.

At MPC we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and employees above profits. This means that, if we have any safety concerns, we would rather cancel the booking and provide a full refund or deny our services than put anyone at risk.

Prior to booking, we ask that every client fills out a questionnaire with all of their pets information, including their pet’s medical history, medication requirements, vaccination status, and breed. As soon as a booking is processed we will review this form and decide if we can provide our services to the client.

Here are some examples as to why we would cancel/refuse a service:

(1) your pet’s needs are beyond what we feel capable to handle based on past experience and training (if this is the case, we will work with you to find another service/organization that will provide adequate care)

(2) we feel the service you requested is unsafe for your pet. For example, take a look at slide 2. Let’s say the weather forecast predicts the temperature to surpass 25 degrees, and a client with a French bull dog (small, brachychephic breed) requests a 60-minute walk. According to the most recently updated veterinary information, a walk of this length in this weather for a French bulldog would put them at a significant risk for heatstroke. Thus, we would not accept this service. In instances like this, we would explain to the client why we feel our services would put the pet at risk, and we would present alternate options such as cancelling, rescheduling, or shifting the service type.

(3) the client is harassing our employee. At MPC, we have a zero-tolerance harassment policy. We will not accept any harassment (verbal, physical, sexual) of our employees.

You already know from previous posts that we strive to uphold the highest standards of fairness and equity; thus, to us, a cancellation policy is necessary to maintain our ethical promises to our clients.

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